Kickless Cables

Kickless Cables

  1. Little impedance and little reactance drop.
  2. High flexibility for good working efficiency.
  3. High resistance to repeating kicks and bending caused by electro-magnetic force induced by welding current and welding operation, and accordingly long life.
  4. Excellent cooling effect even in continued welding operation.
  5. Easy check, replacement, and maintenance.
  6. Covering of good pressure resistance, heat resistance, and wear resistance.
  7. The Kickless cable is consumable part and required to be inexpensive.
  8. Long cable life reduces cable cost per weld - the true measure of cable cost.

We supply Kickless cables in two categories:
  • Normal Hose
  • Bellow Hose

Normal Hose cables are recommended in normal applications where the twisting and bending of cables are minimum
Bellow Hose cables are using a special hose which is more flexible and can be twisted 45 degrees on both direction which will reduce the operator fatigue substantially in areas where approach of welding guns are limited. All our export cables with bellow hoses and in domestic market, we supply bellow hose cables on special request.

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