Swivels with Tool Changers

Swivels with Tool Changers


The swivels with Tool changer combine the best of both worlds to maximize your flexibility and productivity. Proven and Robust design ensures  the highest possible reliability without limiting the robot’s performance or working range. These products are the obvious choice in applications that involve several welding guns or material handling tools and a lot of robot movement.

The patented locking device TrueConnect™ has a unique design distributing the torque  in all directions. It provides absolute positioning reliability and is especially forgiving on alignment when docking. The electrical pin connectors lined-up automatically to decrease wear and tear an increase lifespan.

  • No limit to axis 6
  • Air, Electrical signals, Field bus from axis 6 to the tool
  • Also water, 200 A Weld power and Servo motor power & signal
  • Integrated automatic tool changer makes a compact system

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